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Closed Thanksgiving Weekend – Sunday, October 11, 2015

The field is closed this Thanksgiving Weekend – Sunday, October 11, 2015.  Enjoy your long weekend!

Ontario’s oldest (and best) outdoor paintball field

If you’re looking for the best Ontario paintball field, look no further!

Ten outdoor paintball fields spread over 85 acres means that we have something for everyone – from the casual weekend warrior to the most hardcore woodsball players out there.  Each field you enter has varying terrain with tons of hills, valleys, and forests creating unique games that offer plenty of excitement. Combine that with our refs abilities to mix up the selection of game scenarios and we guarantee that you won’t be going home disappointed.  The paintball games will be different every time you come.

Action Pursuit Games wrote that we have the best natural paintball fields in Southern Ontario.  Centrally located and easy to find, we are the closest outdoor scenario field to Toronto and only a short 25-minute drive from Mississauga.  We play rain or shine! Our rain out policy can’t be beaten – if the weather holds up your game for 45 minutes, we’ll offer you a free replacement game* the next time you come out.

Ultimate Paintball is a family run business that’s been operating since 1984; our courteous staff is here to make sure that your field paintball experience is nothing short of Ultimate.  Some paintball fields can be intimidating places for new players.  Even if that is your first time playing paintball, the crew at Ultimate Paintball is here to make sure that you have fun and will offer their expertise and answer any questions you make have.

We’re still taking group reservations for this upcoming weekend, so reserve your game now!

*Same package excluding paint

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