Phone 905-893-0750
Hours Sat&Sun 8am - 4pm

Do you offer memberships?

You must be an equipment owner to buy a membership. Call or email us for details.

Do you fill HPA tanks?

Yes HPA fills are free if you are playing at the field that day or $5 if you are not playing.

Do you fill Co2 tanks? If so how much does it cost?

Yes as long as the tank has an updated tc stamp. If you are playing at the field the day you want a fill then it is $5 a fill. If you are not playing and just want a fill then the cost differs depending on the size of your tank.

What happens if it rains?

We play rain or shine. The only time we pull you off the field is if it begins to to thunder and lightning. If thats the case we pull you off the field and wait for it to pass and then you go back out.

Can we bring our own food, and use your BBQ?

You can bring your own food and use our bbq. We charge $5 to rent the bbq to cover the propane.

Do you sell food?

For our full day groups we offer an all you can eat hot dog lunch, and occassionally we sell hot dogs for $1 each to our half day groups although it is on a first come first serve basis. We also sell chocolate bars and drinks.

I am bringing my child to play, do I have to stay?

If your child is under 18 then you will first have to sign his waiver when you drop him off and then you are no longer required to stay.

My booking is for 12pm when should we arrive?

We tell everyone to arrive 30 minutes prior to their booking in order to start playing on time. When you arrive you will need to sign your waiver, get your equipment, and listen to a safety briefing before you start playing.

I do not have a group, can I come out with a couple friends and play?

Yes everyone is welcome, come on out and we will get you playing with a group.

Do you do birthday parties?

We do birthday parties, most choose the half day $27 package. It is $27 a person and that gets everyone their gun, mask, and 100 paintballs. We have a bunch of picnic tables, umbrellas and canopies for a picnic after so parties usually bring food and cake for when they are finished playing.

What is required when booking?

When making a booking we require a deposit. How the deposit works is we take your visa or mastercard number to hold you spot and as long as you show up or cancel within 48 hours nothing will be charged to the card and everyone can just pay the day off. However if you do not show up or call to cancel then they will charge the card $100 to cover the staff they brought in for your group.

What if we do not have the required number of people to play private?

If you don’t have the numbers to play privately then when you arrive we will mix you with another small group. If you are all renting then we will mix you with another group of renters or people at the same skill level.

I only have 10 people, should I make a booking?

Yes any group with 10 people or more should make a booking to avoid being put into the walk on game.   We offer online booking.

If we do not rent a suit what should we wear?

You will want to wear something comfortable, sweatpants, sweater and running shoes. Everything washes off so you do not have to worry about staining. You will be dirty so bring a spare change of clothes for the drive home.

Do you have camo suits that fit kids?

We do not have camo outfits to fit the majority of kids as they start at size 38.

How old do you have to be to play?

We start at age 10 if parents are playing with them, or 13 if they want to play without parents.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept visa, mastercard, debit, and cash

Do you allow airsoft?

No, we’re a paintball-only field.

Can I bring my own paint?

Nope.  You must buy paint at the field.  Paint prices are available on our pricing page.