About Ultimate Paintball

Since 1984…Southern Ontario’s Biggest Outdoor Paintball Field

If you’re looking for the best outdoor paintball field in Southern Ontario, look no further!

Outdoor paintball and indoor paintball are very different playing experiences. The outdoor fields are much larger and the games much more exciting. Nothing beats running around outside in the fresh country air dodging paintballs with your friends!

We have 12 outdoor paintball fields spread over 85 acres and that means that we have something for everyone; be it the casual weekend warrior or the hardcore woods ball player. Each field is a unique combination of bunkers, wooden structures, hills, valleys, flat open areas and dense forests and these fields offer plenty of excitement and adrenaline. Our referees play 4 or 5 different types of scenario games on each field; such as capture the flag, rescue the hostage or team domination and overall game experiences vary. At the end of the day, you’ll go home with exciting stories to share with friends and family.

“Action Pursuit Games Magazine” wrote that we have the best natural paintball fields in Southern Ontario.

The #1 rule in paintball is safety and we take it very seriously. All safety rules must be adhered to without exception and anyone refusing to comply will be asked to leave. All paintballs used on our fields MUST be purchased onsite.

Alcohol and drugs, of any kind, are NOT permitted on our site.

We are centrally located in Milton and very easy to find. We are the closest outdoor scenario field to Toronto and only a short 25-minute drive from Mississauga.

We play rain or shine and our rain out policy can’t be beaten. If the weather holds up your game for 45 minutes, we’ll offer you a free replacement game* the next time you come out.

Ultimate Paintball is a family run business that’s been operating since 1984. Our courteous and friendly staff are here to make sure that your paintball experience is nothing short of “Ultimate”.

I look forward to seeing you on the field !!