Opening Day April 1, 2017 (No Joke)

Opening Day is April 1, 2017 and we are going to be offering an Opening Day Special Membership pricing; more details to come. Please note that the hours have changed this year and we will open at 9am on Saturday and Sunday this year.

Thanksgiving Weekend October 10th

What better way to work off some of those extra calories from the Thanksgiving festivities? We are Open Saturday, Sunday and Monday (October 10th) of the long weekend.   Plan your trip to the field now.

Opening Day Scheduled for April 2, 2016

  Watch for Opening Day 2016 tentatively schedules for April 2, 2016. Stay tuned for more information to come, or subscribe to our Special Notices email service. When you subscribe we will notify you of changes in our hours, promotions and special events. Your...