Fall Scenario Game

Countdown to Under Siege








Fall Scenario Game – Saturday Sept. 19, 2020


  • Game #1 – Under Siege – 60 Minute Game
    • Attacking Team starts on the Hill and attacks New Town but has to go down through the D-Day Wall and capture the first domination stick before they are allowed to attack from the flanks.
    • Defending Team starts in New Town and has to defend all 3 domination sticks.
    • Attacking Team can use the machinegun tower on the D-Day Wall.
    • Defending Team members have 3 lives maximum but will respawn with the use of 10 Medics (10 bandages each medic)
    • Attacking Team have unlimited lives but must respawn first at the Hill and then the Bus or Castle once the first domination stick by the boat is captured.
    • Defending Team will have the use of a scuba tank in New Town in which to refill their air tanks during the game.
    • Defending Team will have a 5-man fire team (unlimited lives) who spawn at the Alamo (Back 40 Base) who will harass the Attacking Team relentlessly.
    • Defending Team players who come back into the action after getting air and paint will spawn back at the building behind the car in New Town.
  • Game #2 – Under Siege – 60 Minute Game
    • Same as Game #1 but switch sides.
  • Game #3 – DOMINATION – 60 Minute Game 
    • Blue Team starts at the Back 40 Base (not a capture point)
      • Unlimited re-spawns
    • Red Team starts at the Bus (not a capture point)
      • Unlimited re-spawns
    • Each team will attempt to dominate the 9 capture points spread across 8 playing fields.
    •  5 points will be given out every 10 minutes to the team dominating each capture point.
    • Re-spawn camping will see 5 points deducted from the infracting team per occurrence.
    • If at any time one team is completely dominating the other team, a random stick will be flipped back to the opposite colour to allow the team being dominated to respawn behind the front line of battle.
    • 280 FPS max velocity
    • 68 caliber paint must be purchased at the field.
    • Smokes are allowed and can be purchased at the field.
    • Random crony checks will be made
    • Open Format: all 68 caliber guns allowed – all shooting modes allowed
    • SPECIAL NOTE: any player overshooting will be asked to sit the game out. Overshooting can be subjective, and each referee will use their own judgement. To be safe, just don’t be a jerk. Have fun and make sure everyone has a good time. We don’t want people to get injured. It is bad for the sport!
    • No FSRs are allowed.
    • 43 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only – bring your own paint.
    • 50 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only – bring your own paint or regular pricing of $30 a bag of 500 can be shared among friends.
    Team Selection
    • The players will be split up as evenly as possible so that each team has the same number of MagFed, Speedball and Pump guns as possible.
    • We understand that friends want to play together as much as possible and we will do our best to accommodate.
    • See the attached flyer.