Summer Big Game

Countdown to Double Trouble!








Summer Big Game – Saturday July 27, 2019



(Three Teams and Three Games)


  • Each team will take turns defending 4 control points while the other 2 teams work together and attack as a much larger combined force.
  •  To win the game, the attacking force (2 teams combined) need to capture the domination stick at The Hill, then the domination stick at the back of New Town beside the car, then the Castle and then finally the Alamo base in the Back 40 in this specific order. They have 60 minutes to capture all 4 bases.


  • 60 minute game (roughly) depending on how the game plays out and how many players we have that day.
  • The attackers start at the Bus.
  •  Attackers have unlimited re-spawn for the entire game and can re-spawn at the Bus or any domination stick they have captured so far.
  • Attackers have to capture all 4 control points in a specific order to win the game.
  • Defenders have 1 life for each of the 4 control points they defend.
  • As Defenders get killed, they fall back and re-spawn at the attackers next objective.
  • Defenders cannot be killed during the first 3 minutes of the game.
  • While the defenders have to defend the 4 domination sticks in a specific order, they are able to roam free over the entire field of battle in order to hinder the attackers as much as possible. Think of the defenders as guerrilla fighters.


  • The defenders will have access to a surveillance drone which will provide attacking team troop movement updates every 10 minutes as the drone flies overhead.
  • The defending team general will be provided with the “INTEL”.


  • 280 FPS max velocity
  • 68 caliber paint must be purchased at the field. Random checks will be made and people using outside paint will be asked to sit the game out – no exceptions.
  • No shields allowed.
  • Smokes are allowed and can be purchased at the field.
  • Open Format: all 68 caliber guns allowed – all shooting modes allowed
  • SPECIAL NOTE: any player overshooting will be asked to sit the game out. Overshooting can be subjective, and each referee will use their own judgement. To be safe, just don’t be a jerk. Have fun and make sure everyone has a good time. We don’t want people to get injured. It is bad for the sport!
  • No FSRs are allowed.
  • 43 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only – bring your own paint.
  • 50 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only – regular pricing of $30 a bag of 500 can be shared among friends.

Team Selection

  • The players will be split up as evenly as possible so that each team has the same number of MagFed, Speedball and Pump guns as possible.
  • We understand that friends want to play together as much as possible and we will do our best to accommodate.


  • Pre-Register Online: $20 Entry $30/Bag $100/Case $10 Rentals
  • Day of – Walk-on CASH: $30 Entry $35/Bag $120/Case $20 Rentals
  • Day of – Walk-on Credit/Debit: $40 Entry $40/Bag $140/Case $30 Rentals
  • 43 and 50 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only.