November 12th, Falling Factions


The highest territory score in the end wins the day's battle. This is a special day with prizes and reduced prices for renters and gun owners playing in the game.

Game Play:

  • New Town, D-Day, Ghetto, Castle, Dark Forest and Back 40 will be combined with home bases in the Back 40 and New Town.
  • Territory points will be assigned to the Red or Blue team based on whatever flag is raised on the ½ hour and hour.
  • Caution tape will separate us from the private groups.
  • 3 Flag stations will be setup throughout and each half hour and hour whatever colour is raised will be awarded a point and a Nuke at each base worth 2 points for the attacking team.
  • If you are hit while raising the flag it must be reset where it was.
  • On the field if you take a hit you are required to go back to your base and spawn back in. You have unlimited lives as long as you go back to your base.
  • Home bases will be in the New Town and Back 40 and there will be tapelines that the attacking teams cannot cross.
  • Game play starts and stops with an air horn so everyone can hear.
    • If the horn goes at anytime during the game, please stop and wait for further instructions or go to your base. If it is lunchtime; go eat.
  • Forget the Mercy rule for this game since there isn't one; this is paintball. Try to be a considerate as possible since this is still just a game.


Nuke Rules: If anyone purposely knocks the Nuke over, the opposing team that is attacking the players base is awarded 2 points and for the next 5 minutes the referee will ask the attacking team to stay at least 100 meters away from the area of the Nuke. The referee will decide how much distance is required each time. The players for that home base can move freely but can still be shot. It gives you a chance to redeploy so you may need to Nuke yourself or just Nuke the enemy for an extra 2 points. The Nukes will be barrels with the word Nuke em! on it.

Flag Positions: Scout planes are out trying to locate them now.



At lunch and the end of the day there will be a draw for 5 prizes by randomly selecting entry forms to win.
- 10 computer generated random numbers are drawn without you being able to see and you choose a number between 1 and 10. That will be your random number and you will receive one of the predetermined prizes associated with that number.
- There is 1 membership, 2 passes for a 1-day rentals, 2 bags of paint, 100 paintballs, Gatorade, Pop, Water and Chocolate bars.
- The 10 random numbers are drawn out of 1000 possible numbers.
- If the membership, rentals or bags of paint have been given away you will get to choose another number from the random 10 numbers. Everyone wins something.



  • Members Entrance is Free
  • Gun owners is $5.00.
  • Rental equipment will be $10.00 (no paintballs are included)
  • $80.00 / case of game day only paintballs for everyone. They cannot be used again at the field after the event.
    • You may use our regular field paint or members paint if you have it but it will not be sold at a discount.

*Note: Food is not included with any admission type. Both members and renters will have to purchase Saturday eats if you want them so don't forget your cash.


- Gates open at 8 am for sign-in, paint and air-up, then Briefing at 8:45 am.
- Game starts at 9:15 air horn blows and the first half runs until 12:15.
- 12:15 to 1:00 hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks will be available for purchase.
- 1:15 teams switch sides and the second half runs until 4:00.
- Gates close at 4:30 pm.
*Note: You will be assigned a team for the day to ensure the game play is fun and the teams are even. You are allowed to swap with someone if they are willing before the game starts.



Disclaimer: Ultimate Paintball reserves the right to make changes to the above information at any time.