In response to Facebook shutting down your local Buy / Sell / Trade Classifieds we have done something to help out our players and the Paintball community. We have created a section that you will hopefully find useful and share amongst your friends as a place for all of your B/S/T paintball related classifieds.

The site is Free to use. All that we ask is that you read and agree to the Terms of Service, and follow a few simple rules. Please note that your ads will be picked up by Google so you may occasionally get someone from further away than expected asking about your stuff that you have for sale or trade.

Please look in the menu bar for Classifieds options.

We are asking that you help out by flagging inappropriate ads.
– this is for paintball stuff only at the moment.
– no retailers.
– no promoting other sites / games.

We hope this helps to fill the recent void created by the closure of B/S/T sites on Facebook.

Ultimate Paintball Classifieds

If there are any issues with the Classifieds section please send an email to