Private Low Impact Paintball Games

Children's Birthday Parties / School Friends  / Sports Teams / Scouts & Girl Guides

    • Low Impact paintball is only offered to children 10 to 13 years of age and the parents are welcome to play along. Father’s Day outings get extremely busy!!
    • Low Impact paintball games are restricted to the people in your group and that means that no other people are permitted to play with your group. You will only play with people you know.
    • A dedicated referee will be provided to run the games, keep everyone safe and help arrange lunch for the group.
    • The day starts off with a 20 minute introduction to paintball, the equipment we use, field safety guidelines and game play.
    • On average, a paintball player can expect to shoot 100 paintballs per hour of game play. It is therefore quite common for the group organizer to buy a case of paint and then share it amongst the children as they see fit. This allows for a 2 to 3 hour session with small rest periods in-between game play.
    • Hotdogs, water, pop, sports drinks and various snacks are available for purchase.
    • Free use of the picnic area if you wish to bring your own food and drinks.
    • A deposit of $20.00 per person is required because an additional dedicated staff member is assigned to your group and is only scheduled for the day of your booking.
    • The prices listed below are per person and all Low Impact paintball games require a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 14 people.
    • Low Impact Paintball is only played on our smallest fields and these are located adjacent to our picnic area. This allows parents to watch all the action and take pictures and video!!
    • We only accept bookings for Low Impact Paintball when the weather is not to cold. The small paintballs used in Low Impact Paintball can become brittle in cold temperatures and make game play difficult for the youngsters. Weather conditions do vary from season to season but as a rule, we play Low Impact Paintball only when the temperature outside is above 10 degrees Celsius and only from May 1st to October 1st. If you want to book a game outside of these dates, please call us first so we can discuss your options.
    • Each weekend, we have four (4) timeslots for Low Impact Paintball.
      • Saturday Morning from 9am to 12pm
      • Saturday Afternoon from 1pm to 4pm
      • Sunday Morning from 9am to 12pm
      • Sunday Afternoon from 1pm to 4pm
    • Once your booking is complete, please call us or send us an email to let us know which timeslot you would like us to reserve for you.


$28.00 PER PERSON ($24.78+HST)

Dedicated Referee for the Group

Unlimited All-Day Game Play

Protective Face Mask

Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun

Belt / Ammo Pouch / 2 Pods

Barrel Bag for Safety

100 Paintballs

Paint Prices

100 Paintballs = $12.00 Total: $10.62 + HST

500 Paintballs = $50.00 Total: $44.25 + HST

1000 Paintballs = $90.00 Total: $79.65 + HST

2000 Paintball = $160.00 Total: $141.59 + HST


Camouflage Overalls = $5.00

Chest Protector = $5.00