Summer Big Game

Countdown to Double Trouble!








Summer Big Game – Saturday July 27, 2019


(Three Teams and Three Games)


  • Each team will take turns defending 3 control points while the other 2 teams work together and attack as a much larger combined force.


  • 60 minute game (roughly) depending on how the game plays out and how many players we have that day.
  •  Attackers have unlimited re-spawn for the entire game.
  • Attackers have to capture all 3 control points in a specific order to win the game.
  • Defenders have 1 life for each of the 3 control points they defend.
  • As Defenders get killed, they fall back and re-spawn at the next objective.
  • Defenders cannot be killed during the first 5 minutes of the game.


  • 280 FPS max velocity
  • 68 caliber paint must be purchased at the field.
  • No Shields allowed.
  • Smokes are allowed and can be purchased at the field.
  • Open Format: all 68 caliber guns allowed – all shooting modes allowed
  • SPECIAL NOTE: any player overshooting will be asked to sit the game out. Overshooting can be subjective, and each referee will use their own judgement. To be safe, just don’t be a jerk. Have fun and make sure everyone has a good time. We don’t want people to get injured. It is bad for the sport!
  • No FSRs are allowed.
  • 43 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only – bring your own paint.
  • 50 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only – regular pricing of $30 a bag of 500 can be shared among friends.

Team Selection

  • The players will be split up as evenly as possible so that each team has the same number of MagFed, Speedball and Pump guns as possible.
  • We understand that friends want to play together as much as possible and we will do our best to accommodate.


  • Register Online: $20 Entry $30/Bag $100/Case $10 Rentals
  • Walk-on CASH: $30 Entry $35/Bag $120/Case $20 Rentals
  • Walk-on Credit/Debit: $40 Entry $40/Bag $140/Case $30 Rentals
  • 43 and 50 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only.