Spring Big Game

Countdown to Domination!








Spring Big Game – Saturday May 11, 2019


(Three Teams and Three Games)


  • Each team will start in a different corner of the field (think of a huge triangle) and attempt to capture and hold the 2-story Ghetto building in the centre of the triangle.
  • Each team will also have to defend their own starting base. See “Special”
  • Each team will also attack the other two starting bases. See “Special”


We will play this format 3 times with the teams rotating starting bases each game.

Starting Base #1 – Back 40 (Domination Stick)

Starting Base #2 – Hog Patch (Bunker Base / Domination Stick)

Starting Base #3 – The Hill (Domination Stick)



  • 5 points will be awarded every 5 minutes to the team who holds the 2-story Ghetto building.
  • 15 bonus points will be awarded to the first team to control the 2-story Ghetto building
  • 15 bonus points will be awarded to the last team to control the 2-story Ghetto building.
  • 15 bonus points will be awarded to any team who temporarily captures an enemy base by flipping the red/blue domination stick at that base.
    • Can only be done once per game and gets flipped back automatically.


  • 75 minute game depending on how the game plays out.
  • No team can enter the 2-story Ghetto building for the first 10 minutes of the game.
  • Unlimited respawn for the first 50 minutes of the game.
  • Medics for the last 25 minutes of the game.
    • Each team has 2 medics with 10 healing bandages each.
    • Head shots in the last 25 minutes cannot be healed.
    • Medics can heal themselves once.
    • Each player can only be healed one time in the last 25 minutes.
  • Respawns will happen at the team’s starting base or at a spot designated by a referee based on overall gameplay but generally close to their starting base.
    • Re-spawn camping will see 5 points deducted from the infracting team per occurrence.


  • 280 FPS max velocity
  • Only 68 caliber paint purchased at the field may be used.
  • Smokes are allowed and can be purchased at the field.
  • Random crony checks will be made
    • 5 points will be deducted from the team for anyone shooting faster than 280 FPS using a three-shot average
  • Open Format: all 68 caliber guns allowed – all shooting modes allowed
  • SPECIAL NOTE: any player overshooting will be asked to sit the game out. Overshooting can be subjective, and each referee will use their own judgement. To be safe, just don’t be a jerk. Have fun and make sure everyone has a good time. We don’t want people to get injured. It is bad for the sport!
  • No FSRs are allowed.
  • 43 and 50 caliber sidearms are allowed as secondary weapons only – bring your own paint.


  • When a team captures another team’s base temporarily, that player is given an ORANGE smoke grenade.
  • This smoke grenade can be passed to another player on the same team if you want to.
  • When an orange smoke grenade is thrown successfully into the 2-story Ghetto building, all players regardless of which team they are on, are killed. This simulates a grenade exploding in a confined area.
  • When the smoke lands, players have 3 seconds to get out or they are killed.
  • If the smoke lands/explodes on the ground floor, only the ground floor players are killed.
  • If the smoke lands/explodes on the 2nd floor, only the 2nd floor players are killed.
    • We don’t want people jumping out windows so be safe and have fun.

Team Selection

  • The players will be split up as evenly as possible so that each team has the same number of MagFed, Speedball and Pump guns as possible.
  • We understand that friends want to play together as much as possible and we will do our best to accommodate.


  • Pre-registration: $20 Entry * Rentals $10 (no paint)
  • Game Day: $25 Entry * Rentals $15 (no paint)
  • Paint: $30/Bag or $100/Case (GI 3 Star)